Different Methods for Rug and Carpet Cleaning 

There are a lot of benefits you can get if you’ve got carpets or rugs in your house. First of all, they are soft on your feet. They can insulate your floors. Aside from that, they act as an additional sound muffler and air filter. Unluckily, there are also some drawbacks.  


Carpets and rugs can be disgusting. For those who don’t know, a regular person sheds around 1.5 million skin flakes every day. Most of these flakes end up deep into your rug and carpet. Aside from that, rugs and carpets are a breeding ground for all types of germs, allergens, and bacteria.  

Fortunately, you can always clean your carpets and rugs. Today, we’re going to share with you the different methods for fine carpet and fine rug cleaning. 

Bonnet Cleaning 

This type of carpet and rug cleaning primarily focuses on the surface of the carpet. People use it as a quick fix. Typically, people use this cleaning method for hotel carpets as a temporary and quick carpet and rug cleaning. Bonnet cleaning isn’t a long-lasting solution. The reason for this is that soil and dirt still exist deep inside the fibers of the carpet and rug. Aside from that, bonnet cleaning also leaves behind a chemical residue.  

Carpet Shampooing 

One of the oldest types of carpet and rug cleaning is shampooing. However, a lot of professionals still use it today. Carpet shampooing includes a foaming shampoo. The cleaner will apply this shampoo using a rotating brush. The foaming shampoo will stay in the rug or carpet for a short period. Next, the vacuum will extract it. Shampooing isn’t as successful at getting deep soil cleaning. It can also lead to shampoos and heavy moisture being left on the rug and carpet.  


A lot of professionals refer to encapsulation carpet cleaning as encapping. This type of cleaning method utilizes synthetic foam detergents. A professional will apply the detergent using an agitation machine. This machine will facilitate the breaking down of the soil and dirt in the fibers of your rug and carpet. The foam will crystalize into a powder. Then, they will vacuum out the powder. Unfortunately, some powder will be left behind. This will result in chemical residues.  

Steam Cleaning 

Usually, steam cleaning can also be called hot water extraction or wet cleaning. With this type of cleaning method, the rug or carpet is pre-conditioned using a chemical mixture. This mixture will dissolve soil and dirt in the carpet. Next, a professional will apply pressurized high-temperature water. After the solution sits for around 10 to 15 minutes, the professional will rinse and extract it using a vacuum. This is perhaps the most popular type of rug and carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, it’s pretty costly.  

Renting a Machine 

Though cheap and convenient, machine rentals aren’t the most popular method for carpet and rug cleaning. The reason for this is that they typically don’t effectively remove grime and dirt from the rug and carpet. In addition to that, the cleaning solution doesn’t work to fix most odor and stain problems. That is why DIY carpet cleaning isn’t recommended. 

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